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All art is the work of the whole living creature
body and soul
Great art spills from the soul

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Composer /guitarist and sound designer originally from Philadelphia who now lives in Los Angeles.

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I spent my youth in a Philadelphia neighborhood that was filled with a history of great jazz guitarists that starts with Eddie Lang and continues through to a modern day virtuoso, Pat Martino. Valentino studied privately with Joe Sgro, Dennis Sandole and Pat Martino. In the late 70’s & early 80’s Valentino studied music at Rutgers University while playing nightclubs and doing recording dates for Philly World Records at Alpha studios. In 1984 Valentino relocated to Los Angeles where he has been musically active in many facets of the arts such as composing, scoring, sound designing and performing, for films, TV, recordings, games and toy’s. He has recorded with contemporary improvisers such as Pat MartinoAlex AcunaAlan PasquaKermit Driscoll, Billy Drewes, Mick Rossi, Vinny Golia, Bob Sheppard, Wadada Leo Smith, Michael Pedicin, Erik Friedlander, Mike Sarin, Bennie MaupinGerry HemingwayOscar BrashearLuis ConteAlphonso JohnsonRuss Johnson, Andy Lester, and Andrew Sterman.


As Leader

  • 1995 “Goin’ Public” on Four Winds Entertainment recording label FW2002
  • 1997 “Free Exchange” on Four Winds Entertainment recording label FW2005
  • 2002 “Searching Souls” CD is released on Ninewinds label #NWCD0233.
  • 2004 “8 Shorts in Search of David Lynch” CD is released on Omnitone
  • 2006 Duets w/ Ken Burgomaster – Secret Light Records
  • 2007 “Stingy Brim” CD is released on Omnitone and is considered for 2 Grammys.
  • 2010 “Asilo” w/ Mick Rossi & Andrew Sterman – Secret Light Records
  • 2011 “Bug Juice”

As producer/ composer/player

  • 1994 Elissa Lala “Promises of the Heart” – Four Winds Entertainment
  • 1998 Elissa Lala “Eternal Now” – Four Winds Entertainment
  • 2007 Michael Pedicin Quintet on Jazzhut
  • 2011 Michael Pedicin “Ballads Search For Peace” on Jazzhut
  • 2012 Michael Pedicin Quintet “Live” on Jazzhut
  • 2013 Michael Pedicin Quintet ” Why Stop Now”

As a Guitarist on #1 R&B hits

  • 1983 Eugene Wilde - Gotta Get You Home Tonight – Philly World Records
  • 1993 Foxy Brown- Gotta Get You Home MCA/Zebra
  • 1982 Cashmere – Do It Anyway You Wanna – Zafiro/ Philly World Records

Film & TV Scores

Bonnie & Clyde The True Story, Modern Marvels /The Time Machine Series Intimate Portraits, Monuments to Freedom Series, Emergency Call, Portrait of Courage, Strange WildernessLifestyles of the Rich and Famous, World’s Greatest Magic Show’s 1, 2, & 3, Houdini, Hunter’s Blood, Dangerous Curves, Iron Triangle Kids Incorporated, First and Ten, Elephant’s Diary and The Education of Alison Tate. Played guitar on films: Dirty Dancing, Entrapment, The Hurricane, Wonder Boys and In Too Deep, Boxcar Children, Disney TV Ice Princess, Disney Wizards of Waverly Place.

Sound Design for Film & TV

Digimon, The Avenger, X-MenAlvin & The Chipmunks, The New Archies, Creepy Crawlers, C.O.P.S, Camp Candy, Family Dog, Kid & Play, Monster Farm, Pigs Next Door, Power Rangers, The New Captain Kangaroo Show, Mr. Moose Fun Time, Mad Scientist Club, The New Mr. Bill Show, Breaker High, Pizza Cats, Prey of the Chameleon, Blind Vision and Hidden Rage, A.N.T. Farm, Hannah Montana.

Composition For Commercials  

Tumblin’ Monkeys, Parrot Pile Up, Greedy Gator, Chameleon Crunch, Nike Max Air.

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“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” 

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